Figure Name synthesis
Source Silva Rhetoricae (; Trebizond 61v-62r ("compositio"); Sherry (1550) 38; JG Smith (1665) ("synthesis"); De Mille (1882)("analysis and synthesis"); Holmes (1806) ("synthesis"); Waddy (1889)
Earliest Source None
Synonyms compositio, analysis and synthesis
Etymology Gk., "composition"
Type Scheme
Linguistic Domain Syntactic

1. An apt arrangement of a composition, especially regarding the sounds of adjoining syllables and words. (Silva Rhetoricae)

2. Composition: a figure of construction, whereby a noune collective singular is joyned to a verb plural, &c.; SYNTHESIS, Compositio, Composition, or a joyning together; derived from [syntithemi] compono, to compose or put together. It is a construction made for significations sake, or a speech congruous in sense, not in voyce. It is a figure of construction, whereby a Noun collective singular is joyned to a Verb plural. Of others it is also called a figure whereby two words are joyned into one by a sign of union. Sometimes it is made in gender only, Or for supplements sake, Sometimes it is made both in gender and number. (JG Smith)

Two processes are observable here-analysis and synthesis. Analysis is the separation of the subject-matter into its subordinate parts; synthesis is the reconstruction of these, by which they are put together and built up into a new and orderly form. (De Mille)

4. A Synthesis, not words but sense respects; For whose sake oft' it strictest rules rejects. (Holmes)

5. Synthesis is the process of combining separate statements into a single sentence. (Waddy)


2. The tempest-tossed Seas.

The earth-incircling Ocean.

The Green-mantled Earth.

A Heaven-faln star.

A Rock-rending whirlwinde.

Marble-hearted cruelty. (JG Smith)

4. The multitude rushes, or rush, upon me. (Holmes)

Kind Of Symmetry
Part Of
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