Figure Name antanagoge
Source Silva Rhetoricae (
Earliest Source None
Synonyms antenagoge, compensatio, the recompencer
Etymology None
Type Chroma
Linguistic Domain Semantic

Putting a positive spin on something that is nevertheless acknowledged to be negative or difficult.


"Many are the paines and perils to be passed
But great is the gaine and glorie at the last."

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."

Kind Of Symmetry
Part Of
Related Figures meiosis, medela
Confidence Confident
Last Editor Allan McDougall
Confidence Confident
Editorial Notes Although a case could be made for the tropological aspects of this figure, I've changed this from Trope to Chroma because antanagoge appears to be more of a strategy than relation of identity or meaning.
Reviewed Yes
Reviewer Allan McDougall