Figure Name paeanismos
Source Bullinger (1898) ("paeanismos; or, exhultation")
Earliest Source
Synonyms exhultation
Etymology Pae-an'-is'-mos Gr. "the chanting of the paean," the paoan was a term first applied to a "physician," then generally of any "saviour" or "deliverer"
Type None
Linguistic Domain

1. An Expression of Feeling by calling an Others to Rejoice. (Bullinger, 901)


1. Deut. 32:43. -The song of Moses, having commenced with an Apostrophe and carried us through the whole history of Israel, ends with a glorious and triumphant Paeanismos, in which Jehovah calls on all the nations to rejoice with His People for His judgment on their enemies, and the cleansing of His People and His land: thus carrying us right on to the glory of millennial days. (Bullinger, 902)

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