Figure Name epitheton
Source Bullinger (1898) ("epitheton; or, epithet")
Earliest Source None
Synonyms epithet, appositum
Etymology Gr. epithetos "placed upon" or "added"
Type None
Linguistic Domain

1. A Naming of a Thing by describing it... The figure is so-called when an adjective or noun is used, which adds to the sense of the thing spoken of by simply holding forth some attribute character, or quality descriptive of it. The adjective or the noun used for it by Enallage is thus placed in apposition to it for the purpose of amplification by way of distinction, explanation, or description... When the epithet is continued and used, after the reason for its being given has ceased, it is then called Ampliatio. Most of the examples will be found under that name. An Ampliatio is an change; an Epitheton is an addition. (Bullinger, 465)


1. Gen. 21:16. -"And she (Hagar) went, and sat her down over against him, a good way off, as it were a bowshot": the bowshot being an Epithet for a certain distance. (Bullinger, 465)

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Related Figures enallage, ampliatio
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