Figure Name anticategoria
Source Silva Rhetoricae (; Bullinger (1898) ("anticategoria; or, to quoque")
Earliest Source None
Synonyms tu quoque, accusatio adversa, translatio in adversarium
Etymology Gr. "a counter-charge" from anti "against" and "to speak against" hence "to recriminate, to accuse in turn"
Type Rhetorical Strategy
Linguistic Domain Semantic

1. A retort in which one turns the very accusation made by one's adversary back against him. (Silva Rhetoricae)

2. The use of a Counter-Charge, or Recrimination... The figure is used when we retort upon another the very insinuation or accusation which he has made against us. It differs from Antistrophe; in that it has to do not with any general kinds of words, but with a particular accusation. (Bullinger, 932)


2. Ezek. 18:25. -"Yet ye say, The way of the Lord is not equal. Hear now, O house of Israel; Is not my way equal? are not your ways unequal?" So verse 29, and 33:17. (Bullinger, 932)

Kind Of Repetition
Part Of
Related Figures figures of refutation, metastasis. anteisagoge
Confidence Unconfident
Last Editor Randy Harris
Confidence Unconfident
Editorial Notes I believe this is a chroma and a type of repetition, because one is repeating an accusation to the accuser.
Reviewed No