Figure Name ethopoeia
Source Silva Rhetoricae (; Garrett Epp (1994) ("notatio," "ethopoeia"); Vinsauf (1967) ("notatio"); Bullinger (1898) (" ethepoeia; or, description of manners")
Earliest Source None
Synonyms aetopeia, moralis confictio, description of manners, notatio, morum expressio
Etymology from Gk. ethos, "character" and poeia, "representation"
Type Chroma
Linguistic Domain

1. The description and portrayal of a character (natural propensities, manners and affections, etc.). A kind of enargia. See the progymnasmata exercise impersonation. (Silva Rhetoricae)

2. Representation of a person's character, stressing the most distinctive qualities: "by such delineation, anyone's ruling passion can be brought into the open" (ad Her. IV.65) (Garrett Epp)

3. There are other figures to adorn the meaning of words. All of these I include in the following brief treatment: when meaning is adorned, this is standard procedure. ... ((14) Notatio) Again, I set down certain distinguishing marks - very definite signs, as it were - by which I describe clearly the character of a man; this is a better and more effective figure. (Vinsauf)

4. ... used of a description of a person's peculiarities as to manners, caprices, habits, whether in voice, gestures, or otherwise... a description of any manner or custom, etc., that a person is peculiarly noted for. (Bullinger, 470)


2. Sownynge in moral vertu was his speche,
And gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche. (GProl 307-8 qtd. in Garrett Epp)

3. ((14) notatio (character delineation) Do you know the procrastination of the lazy man? If he is called in the morning he refuses to hear. If he is summoned repeatedly, with insistent voice, he snores loudly through his nose, although he is awake. (Vinsauf)

4. Isa. 3:16. -"The daughters of Zion are haughty, and walk with stretched forth necks, and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet." (Bullinger, 470)

Kind Of Identity
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Related Figures figures of description, enargia
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