Figure Name transplacement
Source Ad Herennium 4.14.20, p. 278-279; Silva Rhetoricae (
Earliest Source None
Type Trope
Linguistic Domain Lexicographic

1. English term given for traductio (in the Ad Herennium). (Silva Rhetoricae)
1. Another term for antanaclasis or antistasis. (Silva Rhetoricae)
2. Transplacement makes it possible for the same word to be frequently reintroduced, not only without offence to good taste, but even so as to render the style more elegant. (Ad Herennium)


2. "One who has nothing in life more desirable than life cannot cultivate a virtious life." (Ad Herennium)
2. "You call him a man, who, had he been a man, would never so cruelly have sought another man's life. But he was his enemy. Did he therefore wish thus to avenge himself upon his enemy, only to prove himself his own enemy?" (Ad Herennium)
2. " Leave riches to the rich man, but as for you, to riches prefer virtue, for if you will
but compare riches with virtue, riches will in your eyes prove scarcely worthy to be the lackeys of virtue." (Ad Herennium)

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