Figure Name accentuation
Source Macbeth (1876)
Earliest Source
Etymology [ad. med.L. accentu{amac}ti{omac}n-em intoning, chanting, n. of action f. accentuare: see ACCENTUATE.] (OED)
Type Scheme
Linguistic Domain Orthographic

1. Not having any precisely correct place for it, we are compelled to put in here, as a figure of considerable importance, Accentuation. Thus in [Paradise Lost], vi., 81:
"Far in th'horizon to the north, appear'd
Of battalious aspe'ct." (Macbeth)


1. So Shakespeare speaks of "Epicu'rean cooks;" and soon after-
"How the fear of us
May ce'ment our divisions, we not know." (Macbeth)

1. "Every where, be it dry or wet,
And market-night in the Haymarke't."
- Dante Gabriel Rosetti (Macbeth)

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Notes Acute accent in "aspect," "Epicurean," "cement," and "Haymarket." - samp
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