Figure Name polyonymia
Source Bullinger (1898) ("polyonymia; or, many names")
Earliest Source
Synonyms many names
Etymology Gr. pol'-y-o-nym'-i-a Gr. "having many names," or "more than one name:" from polys "many" and onoma "a name"
Type None
Linguistic Domain

1. An Application of Aenigma to the Names of Persons or Places... It is not uncommon for persons or places to be known by different names. (Bullinger, 763)


1. Gen. 10:10; 11:2. -"The Land of Shinar" is another name for Babel or Babylon. Babylon must be intended by "the land of Shinar" in the prophecy of the "Ephah" (Zech. 5:11). Had the name Babylon been used here it might have been urged that it was put by Enigma for some other place; but, when "the land of Shinar" is used for Babylon it can hardly be that, after this, Babylon can be used for some other name by a double use of the figure. (Bullinger, 764)

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