Figure Name synizesis
Source Macbeth (1876) ("synezesis," "synecphonesis")
Earliest Source
Synonyms synezesis, synecphonesis, mid-cut
Etymology [late L., a. Gr. {sigma}{upsilon}{nu}{giacu}{zeta}{eta}{sigma}{iota}{fsigma}, n. of action f. {sigma}{upsilon}{nu}{iota}{zeta}{gaacu}{nu}{epsilon}{iota}{nu} to sink down, collapse, f. {sigma}{guacu}{nu} SYN-1 + {ilenis}{zeta}{gaacu}{nu}{epsilon}{iota}{nu} to seat, sit, settle down, f. {ilenisacu}{zeta}{epsilon}{iota}{nu} to seat, sit.] (OED)
Type Scheme
Linguistic Domain Phonological

1. When a crasis is not designated in writing, but is left to the vocalization of the reader, it is termed, synezesis or synecphonesis, as when "do ye" is pronounced "d'ye." (Macbeth)


Kind Of Omission
Part Of syncope
Related Figures crasis, synaeresis, syncope, figures of etymology
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