Figure Name apomnemonsysis
Source Peacham (1593)
Earliest Source
Type None
Linguistic Domain Semantic

1. Apomnemonsysis, called of some Dieu commemoratio, that is, the rehearsal of a saying: It is a forme of speech by which the Orator reciteth some saing or sentence of another worhty of remembrance and observation. An example of the holy Scripture: “O hypocrites Esay, prophecyed well of you, saying” Matth 15.7.: “This people draweth neere unto me with their mouth and honoureth me with their lippes, but their heart is far from me.” Esay.29.13. (Peacham)


1. Another of the Apostle Paul: “For in him we live, and mone, and have our boeing, as certaine of your owne Poets have sayd, for we are also his generation.” Act.17.8. (Peacham)

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