reciprocal change

Figure Name reciprocal change
Earliest Source Ad Herennium (325-326)
Type Trope
Linguistic Domain Syntactic

1. Reciprocal Change occurs when two discrepant
thoughts are so expressed by transposition that the latter follows from the former although contradictory to it (Ad Herennium)


1. " You must eat to live, not live to eat." (Ad Herennium)

1. " I do not write poems, because I cannot write the sort I wish, and I do not wish to
write the sort I can." (Ad Herennium)

1. " A poem ought to be a painting that speaks a painting ought to be a silent poem." (Ad Herennium)

1. " If you are a fool, for that reason you should be silent ; and yet, although you should be silent, you are not for that reason a fool." (Ad Herennium)

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