Figure Name antisthecon
Source Mosellanus ("antithesis" "antistoechon") a4r; Susenbrotus (1540) 23 ("antithesis," "antistoechon"); Sherry (1550) 28 ("antisthecon," "littera pro littera"); Peacham (1577) E3r; Silva Rhetoricae (; JG Smith (1665) ("Antistoechon")
Earliest Source None
Synonyms antistoechon, antistoecon, littera pro littera
Etymology from Gk. anti- “against” and stoicheon “letter order”
Type Scheme
Linguistic Domain Orthographic

1. Substitution of one sound, syllable, or letter for another within a word. A kind of metaplasm. (Silva Rhetoricae)

2. Antistoechon, a change of letters: a figure whereby one letter is put for another. (JG Smith)


1. The following pun is accomplished only through antisthecon, substituting "o" for "a" in the word "reward": "A pun is its own reword" (Silva Rhetoricae)

Kind Of Similarity
Part Of metaplasm
Related Figures metaplasm, figures of substitution
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