Figure Name hypotimesis
Source Bullinger (1898) ("hypotimesis; or, under-estimating")
Earliest Source None
Synonyms under-estimating, meiligmata
Etymology Gr. hypo "under" and timeesis "a valuing" or "estimating" from timae "tp deem" or "hold worthy"
Type Scheme
Linguistic Domain Semantic

1. Parenthetic Addition by way of Apology or Excuse... A parenthetical remark is so called when it is apologetic, in order to excuse some bold or extravagant use of language, such as "If I may so say," or "So to speak," or, "As it were." (Bullinger, 491)


1. Rom. 3:5. -"I speak as a man."
2 Cor. 11:23. -"I speak as a fool." (Bullinger, 491)

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