Figure Name dialogismus
Source Silva Rhetoricae (http://humanities.byu.edu/rhetoric/Silva.htm); Sherry (1550) 69; Day 1599 97 ("dialogismus," "sermocinatio"); Putt. (1589) 242 ("dialogismus," "the right reasoner") ; JG Smith (1665) ("dialogismus"); Bullinger (1898) ("dialogismos; or, dialogue")
Earliest Source None
Synonyms sermocinatio, the right reasoner, dialogismos, dialogue, logismus
Etymology d-i-al-o-gis-mos Gr. "conversation, arguing" from dialogizesthai "to converse, argue"
Type Chroma
Linguistic Domain

1. Speaking as someone else, either to bring in others' points of view into one's own speech, or to conduct a pseudo-dialog through taking up an opposing position with oneself. (Silva Rhetoricae)

2. A conference between two: a figure when as one discussing a thing by himself, as it were talking with another, doth move the question and make the answer: see Prosopopoeia.; Dialogismus, Sermocinatio; a Dialogue or conference between two: derived from [dialogizomai] sermocino, to dispute or talk. Dialogismus is a figure or form of speech, whereby the speaker feigns a person to speak much or little, according to comelinesse; much like unto Prosopopoeia; differing only in this; When the person feigned speaks all himself, then it is Prosopopoeia; but when the speaker answers now and then to the question, or objection, which the feigned person makes unto him, it is called Dialogismus.(JG Smith)

3. This figure is used when we represent one or more persons as speaking about a thing, instead of saying it ourselves: "Dialogue." The persons speak in a manner suitable to their character or condition. (Bullinger, 927)


1. "This is merely an oversight," he tells us. "It is no crime." But I say, when an oversight takes such dimensions as these, it is indeed a crime. (Silva Rhetoricae)

3. Isa. 14:16-19. -"They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying,
Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake the kingdoms? etc.,
But thou art cast out of thy grave like an abominable branch," etc. (Bullinger, 927)

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Related Figures sermocinatio, porosopopoeia, communicatio, impersonation, decorum
Notes The synonym 'sermocinatio' already has a definition in the ontology, however it is slightly different from this. My impression is that dialogismus is a superset of sermocinatio.
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