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Source Silva Rhetoricae (http://humanities.byu.edu/rhetoric/Silva.htm); Bede 618; Sherry (1550) 91 ("icon," "imago," "image"); Peacham (1577) U2r; Putt. (1589) 250 (#2—"icon," "resemblance by imagerie"); Day 1599 99 (#1); Peacham 1593
Earliest Source None
Synonyms resemblance by imagerie
Etymology None
Type Chroma
Linguistic Domain Semantic

1. a) A figure which paints the likeness of a person by imagery. (Silva Rhetoricae)

1. b) A figure of comparison in which a person is held up against the explicit image of another. (Silva Rhetoricae)

2. Icon, is a forme of speech which painteth out the image of a person or thing, by comparing forme with forme, qualitie with qualitie, and one likenesse with another. (Peacham)


2. I may by this figure paint out a favenous and venomous person in this forme and manner: Even as a cressed Dragon which with burning eyes, sharpe teeth, crooked clawes, gaping mouth, runneth hither and thither, and looketh everie where whom he may finde to spit his poyson uppon, whom he may catch in his mouth, crash in sunder with his teeth, venome with his tongue and rent in peeces with his pawes. (Peacham)

2. Saint Barnard painteth the cart of covetousnesse in this maner: The cart of covetousnesse (saith he) is borne upon foure wheels, Pustilanimitie, Uncurtesie, Contempt of God and Forgetfulnesse of death: it is drawne with two cattle in one yoke: Greedie catching, and Fast holding: to these there there is one driver: Vehement desire of encreasing. This driver to move speedelie forward, useth two sharpe whippes: Greedinesse of getting, and Feare of loosing. This vice as you see, hath but one servant, because he is loth to hire many. (Peacham)

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Related Figures parabola, paradigma, figures of description, efficti, figures of comparison, parabola, paradigma
Notes TYPE OF COMPARISON. Bede suggests it is a type of homeoesis Sources: Bede 618; Sherry (1550) 91 ("icon," "imago," "image"); Peacham (1577) U2r; Putt. (1589) 250 (#2—"icon," "resemblance by imagerie"); Day 1599 99 (#1)
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