Figure Name apagoresis
Source Silva Rhetoricae (http://humanities.byu.edu/rhetoric/Silva.htm)
Earliest Source None
Etymology None
Type Chroma
Linguistic Domain Semantic

A statement designed to inhibit someone from doing something.


"If your parents discover what you did, you will not see your next birthday." The apagoresis above demonstrates the antecedent/consequence relationship. To dissuade a person from an action, it suggests unattractive consequences due to follow such an action. Obviously, the consequence of this apagoresis is exaggerated to be more persuasive.

"If you return to Florence, you will be entering the lion's den." The apagoresis above uses a metaphor to demonstrate the repercussions of an action. The speaker is comparing Florence to a lion's den. By making such a strong comparison, the speaker is inferring that the atmosphere in Florence is as dangerous to his subject as a lion's den would be.

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