Figure Name enthimema
Source Peacham 1593
Earliest Source
Synonyms enimema
Type Trope
Linguistic Domain

1. Enimema, is a forme of speech which Quintillian enterpreteth a comment, forasmuch as it may wel be called the whole action & sentence of the minde, & it is as Cicero saith, when the sentence concluded consisteth of contraries thus: Our elders made warre, not onely that they might be free, but also that they might rule: but thou thinkest warre may be left off, that we might be made bondslaves to serve. (Peacham)


1. Another: If great wealth bring cares, and povertie wretched miserie, then the meane between these two extremities is the greatest happinesse. (Peacham)

1. Another: They which may do me good, wil not, and they whcih are willing, cannot, therefore my distresse remaineth. (Peacham)

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