Figure Name prodiegesis
Source Anonymus Seguerianus
Earliest Source
Synonyms a bye-leading
Type Chroma
Linguistic Domain

Rhetfig: A narration that contains facts that do not relate directly to the line of reasoning, but indirectly enhance reasoning. The narration occurs before the presentation of the main line of reasoning.

1. When we narrate something external to the fact before the fact itself. //(Anonymus Seguerianus)//


1. If we are prosecuting someone for impiety, before specifying the complaint as charged we shall provide a prodiegesis by looking for earlier wrongs and whether he previously committed some other impiety - "I pass over saying how impious and polluted and abominable in all ways his previous life has been, that I may not seem to trouble you in vain if you hear things about which you are not now making judgment, but I shall describe to you in detail the most recent impiety he has dared to commit" //(Hermogenes)//

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