Figure Name epitasis
Source Silva Rhetoricae (http://humanities.byu.edu/rhetoric/Silva.htm); Bullinger (1898) ("epitasis; or, amplification")
Earliest Source None
Synonyms amplification, intentio
Etymology None
Type Chroma
Linguistic Domain

1. The addition of a concluding sentence that merely emphasizes what has already been stated. A kind of amplification. (Silva Rhetoricae)

2. Addition of Conclusion by way of Emphasis... The Figure is used when a concluding sentence is added by way of increasing the emphasis. It is not independent of what has gone before, but it is some emphatic increase added to it by way of conclusion. (Bullinger, 478)


1. Clean your bedroom. All of it. (Silva Rhetoricae)

2. Ex. 3:19. -"And I am sure that the king of Egypt will not let you go, no, not by a mighty hand." (Bullinger, 479)

Kind Of Repetition
Part Of
Related Figures correctio, anesis, Figures of Amplification
Notes I chose Repetition because this figure uses repetition of semantics/concepts.
Confidence Unconfident
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Confidence Unconfident
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