Figure Name diaresis
Source Silva Rhetoricae (http://humanities.byu.edu/rhetoric/Silva.htm)
Earliest Source None
Synonyms divisio, partitio
Etymology None
Type Scheme
Linguistic Domain Orthographic

1. The logical division of a genus into its species.
2. Dividing one syllable into two (especially the pronunciation of two contiguous vowels). A kind of metaplasm.


1. N/A
2. The professor's self-importance could be measured by the way he pronounced "medieval" as "medi-eval."

Kind Of Similarity
Part Of metaplasm
Related Figures partitio, merismus, synecdoche, episynaloephe, Figures of Division
Notes Division is hard to define given the current 'type of' classifications. I ended up going for similarity because we're dealing with orthographic changes. In terms of classification (Scheme vs. trope vs. chroma) I went with scheme the 2nd definition. However, I'm confident that the first definition should be a trope. I think this warrants setting up entries for each definition, and having this entry just be a stub to link to both. However, we should discuss policy on this first. -CWS
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