Figure Name distinctio
Source Silva Rhetoricae (http://humanities.byu.edu/rhetoric/Silva.htm); Blount (1653) 37
Earliest Source None
Etymology None
Type Trope
Linguistic Domain Semantic

1. Eliminating ambiguity surrounding a word by explicitly specifying each of its distinct meanings.

2. "First, if there be any doubt or ambiguity in the words, it is better left out then distinguished. But if you are to answer former speehes that imply any doubtfulness, you may disperse all clouds, and remove all scruples with Distinction" (Blount)


2. "As being charged you have brought very light reasons, you may answer, If by light you mean clear, I am glad you see them; If by light, you mean of no weight, I am sorry you do not feel them." (Blount)

Kind Of Identity
Part Of
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Confidence Unconfident
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Confidence Unconfident
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