Figure Name orcos
Source Silva Rhetoricae (http://humanities.byu.edu/rhetoric/Silva.htm); Peacham (1593)
Earliest Source None
Synonyms jusiurandum
Etymology Gk. horkos, “oath”
Type Trope
Linguistic Domain Semantic

1. Swearing that a statement is true. (Silva Rhetoricae)

2. Orcos, in Latine Jusiurandum, is a forme of speech by which the speaker expresseth an oath for the better confirmation of something affirmed or denied, which doth necessarily require a sure and high testimonie. (Peacham)


2. An example of Moses: “I call heaven and earth to record against you this day, that you shal shortly perish from the land whereunto ye go over Jordan to possesse it.” Deut.4.2.20. (Peacham)

2. Another of Joab saying thus to David: “Now therefore up come out, and speake comfortable unto thy servants, for I sweare by the Lord, except thou come out, there will not tarry with thee one man this night, and that will be woorse unto thee, then al the evill, that fell on thee from thy youth hitherto.” 2.Sam.19.7. (Peacham)

2. Another of the Apostle Paul: “for God is my witnesse whom I serve in my spirit in the Gospell of his onne, that without ceassing I make mention of you alwaies in my prayers, & c.” Rom.1.9. (Peacham)

Kind Of Identity
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Related Figures oaths
Notes "The use of this forme of speech serveth most aptly & properly to confirme matters either by high and divine testimonie, or by the gage of the speakers faith and credit, and therfore it is best beseeming a grave man which is indued with age and credit." (Peacham)
Confidence Unconfident
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