Figure Name evocation
Source JG Smith ("evocatio")(1666?); Holmes (1806) ("evocation," "evocatio")
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Synonyms evocatio
Type Chroma
Linguistic Domain Lexicographic

1. By Evocation we the third recal, In first or second person's place to fall. (Holmes)

2. Evocatio, a calling forth: a figure when the Nominative case to a Verb of the third person is set before a verb of first or second person, &c.; EVOCATIO, Evocation or calling forth. Note '*' in marg: I is an immediate Reduction of the third person either to the first or second. Evocation is a figure of construction, and is when the Nominative Case to a Verb of the third Person is set before a Verb of the first or second Person, which draws and as it were calls it away to its own impropriety: or, When as the first or second Person doth immediately call unto it self the third; they do both become the first or second Person. (Smith)


1. We, the people, are subject. (Holmes)

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